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Network/DATA Monitoring

Networks provide a comprehensive range of IT and Communication outsourcing services that are suitable for small and mid-sized companies. We also have services that compliment and extend the delivery for an in-house IT support department of a large business.

IT Network Audit Services

Every vendor try to cut down the expenses on a managed service which leads to use low quality products & compromising in the maintenance of network to save their cost. We help the customers to get the complete details of the network with our professional team who do the complete Audit and provide you the network strength in details.

Wi-Fi Network Components

The basic devices in a wireless network are:

The Wired Network Access Point or Wireless Router

Client Device

Client Bridge


Each component has a specific function, and while some devices can operate in more than one function, they often have specific attributes that best suit them for a given function. Here are the details on each device / function. Modwin provide reliable and high quality components to match the specific requirement of Wi-Fi Networks in Hospitality, Enterprises, Retail & Campuses.

Wi-Fi Authentication Systems

Authentication Systems which can, not only comply the cyber law, but also help the customer to have control on the bandwidth usage, coupon based authentication, SMS based Authentication which will avoid manual interventions with the users, Direct billing, Customized Login Page, Zone based Authentication in a LAN, Plug n Play features, Payment Gateway Integration and many more features.

Connected Guests Interface, call billing ,voice mail

CONNECTED GUESTS is the key to maximizing telephony and data revenue whilst improving Guest Satisfaction. It was originally called as Tiger TMS Hotel Pro and now renamed as Connected Guests. Designed specifically for the hospitality sector, Connected Guests contains a suite of features that help the hotelier encourage guests to use the telephone services and facilities available, not only within their rooms but also throughout the hotel is the exclusive partner for CONNECTED GUESTS in south east Asia.

Surveillance Systems

Integration of highly important security business systems is more prevalent today than ever. Since the inception of CCTP (Closed Circuit over Twisted Pair), we’ve been providing with quality security equipment that are managed with leading edge technology. We have partnered with manufacturers that dominate the surveillance market and are able to provide the total system solution for our customers. From the simplest to the most complex video surveillance system, our number one priority is quality.