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IT Consultancy Services

We help our customers to design the network for Voice, Data & Surveillance on IP platform. The design of the Data & Voice Network prepared by our experts will be a cost effective solution for any customers without compromising on the quality of the network using the latest technology available in the market.

Structured Cabling services

Structured cabling are the backbone of all business communication, the switches and routers are used in transferring data both voice and video across the required platform. The profitability of the company can improve with an efficient cabling system in place, with reduced business expenses and improved security for the organization. Modwin is one of the best companies when it comes to structured cabling services.

System Audit

If you are unsure of the quantity or operational status of your audiovisual assets or you want to know how you could leverage your existing infrastructure within a new technology strategy, Modwin can perform a full technology audit of your business. During the audit, analysts will visit each asset location and create a record of every piece of equipment (model, serial number, and asset number) and a detailed assessment of the condition of the systems. Based on the audit results, our consultants will develop a technology recommendation that utilizes the current equipment or will recommend new systems that improve the capability of employees to work together and fulfill your business’s technology strategy.

AV Integration

Our systems aren’t just about looking and sounding great, they’re about giving our clients the tools that help them teach, learn, manage and grow. We customize our solutions to fit every clients needs, and our technology is integrated every step of the way to make sure that classrooms, meeting spaces and workspaces are perfectly suited to collaboration.

Most importantly, we design with a singular goal in mind: making sure that the technology just works so that the focus in the space isn’t on the technology itself, but the work and the people in the room.

Our Audio and Video systems are designed to be user friendly and where technology enhances communication and is not the focus of the environment.

Audio Systems

For most of us, what we hear is vital to our understanding of the world. That’s why properly designed audio systems are so critical — not just in concert halls and auditoriums, but everywhere from small meeting rooms to convention centers, from arenas to hospitals, and from offices to government buildings. With networked audio and digital processing, Modwin can centralize and customize high quality audio for a variety of environments.

What we hear is important, and being able to fine-tune and control what reaches your ears is our business.

Voice Communication Systems

IP PBXs are a completely viable replacement for traditional EPABXs. If that was all they were, though, they wouldn’t be very interesting because traditional PBXs serve well enough for what they do. The power of IP PBX technology is in its ability to bring substantial benefits which are Beyond the reach of traditional Telephone systems.