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Audio or Video

We say, whatever you need. Confused between TV or Projector? Is 4K readily available? Or which room to make a home cinema room? Google us now, and visit our experience centre.

Complicated or Simple

It is complicated, but for US For you we believe in keeping things simple. Music in each room, wireless control or an All in one remote system for keeping your multiple remotes locked; we make life simple for all.

Design or Service

From servicing your old system to delivering a turnkey job for your empty room; we guide you, we handhold you and we support you for longest time.

  • Dedicate a space to the enthusiasts of picture and sound, in the best way. An acoustically sound room where you can enjoy images from a high-quality projector displaying on a huge screen. So you can relax in your own comfy reclining seats and take an experience of theatre to another level. With a touch of a button, you can remotely lower your shades, turn down the lights and let the movie begin with the high quality of sound and picture.

    • Room Décor.
    • Recliners.
    • AV Equipment’s